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Rouge The Bat by spikedalanza. Nude big bobbs. Here are your final orders before you awaken from your trance. With Rouge getting the double penetration treatment by Tails' dick and Cosmo's vine and Tails savoring the flavor of Cosmo's vaginal nectar, it would only be a matter of time before they would climax.

Beatin' Eggman's butt does not get easier. Sonic rouge naked. Tails listened closely as another of the moans increased in volume. She stop kissing him and then ask. Requested by He wanted a story where Team Sonic becomes the opposite gender in Rouge's outfit. Everything about you is. The short pink, hyper hedgehog was one of your special freinds when they entered into the human world. As they finished up lapping up the juices out of their vaginas and their faces, Rouge was now ready with one more fun task before she would leave with her slaves and the mind controlling device.

The Chaos Emeralds aren't here at all! As soon, as they hit her feet, Shade immediately lapped them up off her feet, savoring the taste. Local big tits. She soon slid her hands down her body and down her legs.

Michaeldragon Featured By Owner Jun 8, Rouge's new programmed mind set made her so desperate to be a slave, she crawled on her knees towards the pink hedgehog. I want to be fucked. We can't let anyone see us like this! Sonic then picked Amy up, held her in his arms, closed his eyes, and proceeded to kiss her. The furturistic hedgehog's heart was finally yours.

Every thrust his ballsack slapped her rear. Meanwhile, Tails was thinking of Cosmo as he continued to thrust upwards. In Knuckles' mind, he was visualizing that it was Shade getting the anal treatment.

Meanwhile, Rouge went back on her hands and knees. I tried to call you, but you didn't pick up. He's Just Fixated By This! You walk up behind the p. Now to answer some questions: Not just any Pegasus, mind you. Cosmo sighed and moaned as Tails continued to kiss and stick his tongue in her pussy.

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Rouge ended up moaning in Sonic's dick as she felt the sting of Amy's spank.

I was just sleeping in. Tori black naked pussy. Feelings You wondered if Rouge the bat ever had thoughts and feelings towards someone. I'll admit, that looked like fun, but I have something Being the curious little rabbit she was, she decided to have a peek herself. Blaze st in silence as the waves of the water calm her spirit. Sonic rouge naked. Chapter 2 More then friends? She nodded and handed him the basket, only for him to drop on the floor. Meanwhile, the girls were getting hot and aroused by the show and sexual abuse their boyfriends were giving to the bat.

While they kissed, Sonic gave one last thrust deep in Rouge's ass while the bat moaned and continued to dart her tongue in and out of Amy. He gulped a little. Cosmo then raised her right arm higher, and soon, another few vines sprouted up from the giant one and crashed through the ceiling, giving the ladies a safe passageway as the giant vine continued to rise.

Rouge soon stopped poking her tongue in the terracotta echidna's ass and went back to her stoic kneeling pose. Scarlett johansson tits pics. But, upon closer inspection, it has been Sonic and Amy, as well as Knuckles and Shade, that have been recognized by Rouge as Masters and Mistresses. She was right about that. Little did the team know that the Chaos Emerald they found was a decoy.

She then crawled out of bed.

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Meanwhile, Rouge and Eggman were looking for the Chaos Emeralds so they could rule the world together. You wanted to stop him. As they looked on, Amy eyes widened as an idea came to her. She's begging to suck my dick. She then removed the towel and walked seductively towards Sonic and Rouge. Call it 'Tall Poppy Syndrome' if you like, but I call it good old-fashioned accountability. Naked city photos. The thief start to get tired and start going to the bathroom. Just as the morning sun was rising, Tails came inside her one last time before passing out.

Sonic looked over and saw that the camera, still sitting on the desk, was able to capture every second of their sexual escapades. Sonic walked through the dark, mysterious cavern of crystals, looking in amazement at their unyielding beauty.

Standing there was the one, the only She then went ahead to observe this in front of them. With that, they both hurried towards the spot where Sonic, Amy, and Rouge were.

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Sonic looked around the room and saw medical equipment everywhere in the room. With her mouth still clamped on to the blue hedgehog's cock, all Rouge could do was nod her orders being carried out. I heard a faint sound approaching me but didn't grant it any heed. Milf pussy sex pics. Sonic rouge naked. Amature nude women photos She then looked in the bat's vacant eyes. I'll bang you all you want. They had sex for many hours that night. Sonic snickered as well until he looked ahead to see Cosmo and Tails heading towards the proverbial set.

Soon, his dick penetrated the bat's tight butthole as it went in quite smoothly, thanks to Rouge's spit as he went in easy at first, causing her to moan softly. Amy had her tongue inside Rouge's mouth, exploring the inside of her mouth, while she continued to massage her breasts. Views 69, 1 today Favourites 1, who? Rouge was surprised by Tails's question but, she was even more surprised by him slapping her ass.

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