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Proof hillary clinton is a lesbian

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It surged in when she first ran for president. Still not better than his magnum opus: Also, anything before when she "evolved" on gay marriage" should just be considered vote pandering, right? Like Konbini on Facebook.

Proof hillary clinton is a lesbian

She certainly was excited to sell the Saudi's jet fighters. Brandy taylor big tit patrol. Proof hillary clinton is a lesbian. The president had a Congressional majority for two years. A speedy, smart summary of all the news you need to know and nothing you don't.

Unless Klein wired his sources and his sources were Bill and Hillary Clinton, none of this is likely to be even kind of true. Should Clinton be elected president, Abedin would be the most highly placed Muslim in American politics.

As "proof" of the so-called lesbian game, the publication has a dozen photos of Merkel with her hands together in a triangle shape. Not in town halls. I'm fairly certain that a prereq for a sincere presidential run is a good amount of sociopathy. I do believe this describes every lesbian I know perfectly. Extreme lesbian porn movies. Hillary Clinton has been given tens of millions of dollars by countries that "treat women horribly People 10 Famous Gay-Straight Friendships.

Just like in my dreams; photos, paintings, and portraits of Hillary Clinton line the walls around the room. Put another way, what difference, at this point, does State's policy on gay rights make? Not that I recall. Furthermore, working for Hillary Clinton as a lesbian, people I relate to, someone like me. A photo posted by Hillary Clinton hillaryclinton on Jun 26, at It's the same reason people are quick to mock american socialist.

We worked hard to change the math so that those political calculations would start adding up in our favor. A lot of progressives are slamming Hillary for her past position on marriage equality and the rather noxious comments she made back then—which, again, are similar to the rather noxious comments made by most Dems at the time, including Barack Obama who said the exact same shit, in fewer words —and … they hammer and hammer away at it. Just like "Facilitating dialogue" or "enabling communities" or "helping to foster the environment" etc.

Does he actually believe Clinton can be trusted? Did you not see when she challenged Putin to his face by forcing him to shake hands with her Openly-Gay Ambassador to Russia??! There was, for example, Caitlyn Jennerwho was heavily criticized following an interview with Ellen DeGeneres last September where she admitted that, despite now openly identifying as transgender, she actually opposed gay marriage until more recently.

Statistician Nate Silver looked at the positions of other women from her demographic and political background and found that the vast, vast majority of them potentially as high as 90 percent were supporters of same-sex marriage recognition by What she actually did, as opposed to what she has said or not said, is what has made the biggest difference for her.

That's what I'm saying.

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The objection to Clinton's BS here isn't that she was a flip-flopper or that she was once on the wrong side.

She is going to be burned at the stake in and everybody should get out their marshmallows and put them on a stick. Nude mature women sex. Of course, in this case, that's a lame excuse anyway. Which NDAA are you talking about? Of course it was. Proof hillary clinton is a lesbian. A photo posted by Hillary Clinton hillaryclinton on Jun 26, at And she was a leader. Anyway, the point is about forgiving politicians for past impurities.

Today, the day after the Post story ran, Abedin announced she's separating from her husband. If you haven't figured out by now that Hillary will say whatever she determines is politically convenient at a given moment, even if it contradicts something she said mere seconds earlier, well For equality, for the LGBT community, for all of us, we will move forward and progress when we move forward with her.

But Hillary knows that folks like Savage are often single-issue voters and no vote is easier to grab than that. Oddly, she chooses never to exercise this power, except to force us into war with Iraq necessary to support the Islamic State, her pet project.

Rick Lazio, her opponent in the Senate race after Rudy Giuliani dropped out, pursued a campaign strategy that was foremost about driving up her negatives — in particular, the ghosts of Clinton controversies past.

But hey someone got health insurance so! The cat Socks disappears, and the shadowy form of a giant feline in an overcoat is seen stalking the streets near the Treasury before yowling and disappearing into the mist. Start and finish your day with the top stories from The Daily Beast. Jynx maze nude photos. The Drudge Report is sometimes the pulse of the right-wing, and now it's drafting headlines based on the Hillary Clinton lesbian rumor.

I'm gay and I don't want Hillary's version of "gay rights". That should be the main point. Because the gay stuff along with pot, abortion and open borders are Reason's version of the Nicene Creed: Clinton insisted that that her position had "evolved," just like President Obama's.

Whenever a political figure or celebrity or other public figure of any political leaning has announced a change of position toward gay marriage or supporting other gay issues, there is frequently an odd undercurrent of resentment expressed because they did not hold the correct position all along.

Stone was introduced to Trump in the s by Roy CohnSen.

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Nowadays, the process is simpler: She stands on the shoulder-pads of giants. Too bad the Saudi's routinely execute gays. Frank had no previous experience campaigning, but he proved to be an enthusiastic retail politician. Gay Diplomats Say State Department Is Failing Their Families "stories told by some gay foreign service officers suggest that the human resources officers in Washington and in the embassies may shift them away from desirable posts in non-gay-friendly countries without adequately consulting them.

It's the fact that there is zero reason to believe that she'll actually do something about these beliefs that she currently claims to hold and previously disagreed with.

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The facts that follow are somewhat tangled, so please be patient facts are stubborn things. Trump's comment oversimplifies donations to the Clinton Foundation to make a quick attack against his Democratic rival. Nude braless girls. Hillary briefly gave thought to running for governor herself inbut her polling showed that the public was disinclined to vote for her. And that is why gay rights are human rights, and human rights are gay rights. Adrienne barbeau big tits Maybe Clinton and others in her campaign will talk more about the passport policy in between now and November 8.

These 17 photos were arranged and published nearly three years ago, in July For a married man, the penalty is death by stoning. A defeat set in motion a process of endless revision, by herself and her opponents, that has defined her career.

Through a series of foreign wars and domestic surveillance programs, the U. Proof hillary clinton is a lesbian. For them, she said, she had a message: They also have no divorce rights.

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